About Us

Jubilee Jobs of Lexington specializes in finding entry-level jobs for the unemployed and underemployed. We are a non-profit job placement ministry located in Lexington, Kentucky, that opened in the fall of 2009.

Our process focuses on a compassionate, rapid and accurate assessment of an applicant's interests, abilities and placement in the most appropriate job possible. Our applicants complete a 7-step program that is based on accountability.

We provide skilled job preparation, placement, retention and career advancement to help disadvantaged jobseekers move beyond poverty toward self-sufficiency. Our job process is FREE to both applicants and employers.

Our motto is "Work for sustenance, dignity and hope." Jubilee Jobs is a place of hope in a time of growing despair for residents living in the Central Kentucky area.

Our purpose is to find employment for people who need, want and have the ability to work. Think of the difference you can make by hiring someone who really wants a second chance.

For a printer-friendly, pdf version of our Orientation Overview, click here.