JUST Feed Lexington Program Delivers Over 17,000 Meals | Jubilee Jobs of Lexington, Kentucky

JUST Feed Lexington Program Delivers Over 17,000 Meals

In March of this year when it became obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to become a global problem like we’ve never seen before, our leadership decide to “pivot’ our focus for a short period of time and help those in need in a multi-faceted way. The idea was to help keep some of our restaurant workers employed and feed those in need. So, on March 31, 2020 we launched “JUST Feed Lexington” (Jubilee Unites Services to Feed Lexington). This was a partnership between Jubilee Jobs, the Fayette CO. Sheriff’s Office and three local restaurant partners (Selma’s Catering & Events, Saul Good Restaurant, and Local Taco). Jubilee Jobs acted as the coordinator and fiscal manager. The Sheriff’s Office delivered all meals and the restaurant partners prepares and packages the meals. Our focus was to help feed the “sheltered” which includes homeless women fleeing domestic violence & human trafficking and those sheltering through recovery. Over the past few weeks we added in some VA and senior facilities, plus first responders. Each week, we delivered 400 meals a day (200 lunch & 200 dinner), Monday through Friday. On May 29, 2020 we wrapped up the program with 17,223 meals delivered to 14 different facilities at 20 sites in Lexington, in addition to providing over 1,000 hours of paid employment to restaurant workers. 

Facilities served:
• Arbor Youth
• Breaking Free Kentucky
• Green House 17 (Two Sites)
• House of Hope
• Lexington-Fayette Co. Sheriff’s Office
• Lexington-Fayette Co. Fire Department (Six Fire Stations)
• Lexington Rescue Mission
• Main Street Baptist Manor
• Natalie Sisters
• The Potter’s House
• Saint James Place
• The Salvation Army
• Shepherd’s House
• Unshackled By Love

Thank you to everyone who helped us with this program. Thanks to these generous donors:

Kiki Barnett, Anne Bearse, Bob Biega, Pattie and Happy Broadbent, Karma Bryan, The Burton Group, Jamie and Melanie Coldiron, Dan and Phyllis Danford, Frank Dawahare, Dale and Louisa Ditto, Hannah Gilbert, Anne Hardy, Steve and Jennifer Heller, Franklin Henderson, Cathy Jacobs, Susan Kearns, Myra Kelemen, Hunter and Ted Kessinger, James T and Elizabeth Loiselle, John McIntosh, Bruce and Catherine Manor, Jean Najor, Joe Browne and Jessica Nicholson , Bill and Andrea Pfeifle, Kaci Prunty, REAL Insurance Agency, Gale G. Reece, Vicki Rhorer, Bill and Erin Rouse, Bob and Jennifer Rouse, Pamela Ryan, Rachel Slone, Janice Stephens, Staci Thomsen, United Way of The Bluegrass & Bluegrass Community Foundation, John and Newby Walters, George and Lorie Ward, Will YoderSteven Zwart